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Glass blocks look great but until now, there was a problem - no good way to stop using it. An exposed side, the top of a partition - these were difficult areas because there wasn't a compatible material to complete the raw edges

Stylecap's varied sizes and shapes match block standards to provide the crowning touch for any glass block creation in a home or business. The Stylecaps are glass, matching the glass blocks perfectly and come in a range of luminescent colors to vivid to soothing - whatever the design calls for. So you can complement or contrast the finish cap with the block itself.

Stylecaps are idea for finishing circular shower walls, interior dividers and glass art constructions. No matter what the decor - from casual to art deco to high tech - Stylecap is appropriate. You can let your imagination soar now that glass block projects can be finished in such a great style.

These Stylecaps fit almost any bathroom, kitchen, family room or office. Maintaining it is as simple as cleaning glass block. All it takes is an occasional wip with your usual glass cleaner.

Click here for Style Caps Sizing Chart

Style Caps Installation (PDF)

white black soft gray sage
955 155 755 646

dusty rose

pink rose


copper green
666 676 656 534

ice blue


753 171

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